Scholarships and Awards

At MES MPL Sastry Independent PU College, we understand the financial  challenges that students and their families may face in pursuing quality education. To ensure that deserving and qualified students have access to educational opportunities, the college actively facilitates and encourages the application for scholarships and financial aid from both government and private sectors.

Internal Scholarships and Grants from MES Management     ➤

MES MPL Sastry Independent PU College is committed to supporting its students directly through internal scholarships and grants by the management:

1. Merit Scholarships:

  • Exceptional academic performance is recognized through internal merit scholarships, acknowledging the hard work and dedication of deserving students.
  • Students who have secured high percentage in their 10th standard examination is awarded cash prize.

2. Need-Based Financial Aid:

  • The college with management assesses the financial needs of students and provides need-based financial aid to those facing economic challenges, promoting equal access to education through Student Welfare Fund (SWF).

MES Merit Scholarship

Rank. No.For Commerce CourseFor PCMB CourseFor PCMC Course
1st Rank to 5rd RankRs.20,000Rs.20,000Rs.20,000
6th Rank to 10th RankRs.15,000Rs.15,000Rs.15,000
11th Rank to 20th RankRs.10,000Rs.10,000Rs.10,000

MES Merit Cash Awards

Sl. NoRankingAward Amount
11st Rank₹ 12,000
22nd Rank₹ 10,000
33rd Rank₹ 8,000
44-5th Rank₹ 7,000
56-8th Rank₹ 6,000
69-10th Rank₹ 5,000

Government Scholarships     ➤

The college actively supports students in applying for various government  scholarships, which may include:

1. National Scholarship Portal (NSP):

  • MES MPL Sastry Independent PU College guides students through the application process for scholarships available on the National Scholarship Portal, a one-stop platform for all government scholarships.

2. State Government Scholarships:

  • Our dedicated scholarship assistance team assists students’ in identifying and applying for state-specific scholarships provided by respective state governments.
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Private Sector Financial Aid     ➤

In addition to government scholarships, MES MPL Sastry Independent PU  College collaborates with private organizations to extend financial aid opportunities:

  • MES MPL Sastry Independent PU College actively connects students with scholarships offered by philanthropic foundations and trusts, contributing to a diverse range of financial aid options.
  • External agencies such as Samarthanam Trust also extends financial assistance to the deserving students in the form of Scholarships